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This week's word brought to you by Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen, a really interesting read about the real stories behind our American history myths, from Plymouth Rock to Vietnam, and the sociological implications of teaching these myths. 
In other news, I will be gone next weekend.  If anyone is interested in doing the word for Saturday please let me or nerdfury know.  Otherwise, have a good weekend!

Syncretism [sing-kri-tiz-uhm, sin-] noun
the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.
2.  (grammar) the merging, as by historical change in a language, of two or more categories in a specified environment into one, as, in nonstandard English, the use of was with both singular and plural subjects, while in standard English was is used with singular subjects (except for you in the second person singular) and were with plural subjects.

Origin 1610–20; < NL syncretismus < Gk synkrētismós union of Cretans, i.e., a united front of two opposing parties against a common foe, deriv. of synkrēt(ízein) to syncretize + -ismos-ism

The Spanish introduction of horses to Plains culture in 16th century America produced a dramatic efflorescence of syncretism throughout the new world.  Yet it is also important to see how these events also connect an otherwise independent society to a global economy- for example, the Lapps in Norway replaced their sled dogs with snowmobiles and for the first time in the history of their community they must care about the politics that affect oil supply.
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Dear England,
On behalf of my ancestors (in a broad sense, at least, because my biological ancestors didn't actually immigrate to the US until the 1800s), I just want to say I'm sorry we were so uppity and dumped all your tea into the Boston Harbor.  It was really childish and not very nice and I jut wanted to apologize.  As you can see, we've done a fine job of breeding ever more fucktards in your absence, but if it weren't for the terrifying levels of obesity, we're a pretty attractive bunch of fucktards on the whole.  You, on the otherhand, seem to have a decent stock of average to highly intelligent citizens that are fucking ugly.  I would therefore like to propose you take us over once again as we can't run a government worth shit but can definitely help with the in-breeding of uggos if you can manage to get us to eat better.  We are willing to submit to the queen and her metric system but not your drive-on-the-left thing because you're the only ones that do it and we both know it's bullshit.
Think it over.
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Transformers II

was suck.  Super suck.  An abortion, and not one of those good, clean abortions that leaves everyone happy with the former mother able to go back to middle school like nothing ever happened.  I was physically unable to silence my objections in the theater.  It. Was. Just. Fucking. Awful.  There are lots of reasons I couldn't contain my groans, sighs, eyerolls, phbbts, and "come on!"s, but these are some of the most offensive, starting with the obvious.
-Script.  Phbbt.  Awful.  Contrived.  Boring.  Long-winded but little said.  Dumb jokes that made me embarrassed for the writers and actors. 
-Plot.  It was a late showing and a long, boring sequel to a movie and hadn't liked or paid much attention to in the first place, but it seemed to be lacking plot.  The two attractive people are still together from the first movie but then he makes out with a robot so she's mad at him but then she isn't because he almost dies.  And there are good and bad robots and the bad ones are fighting the good ones and are looking for this thing that the humans have and the thing does something but the bad guys get it but Shia almost dies and has some dream that shows him how to fix the matrix that he shoves into the dead good robot and then the good robots win?  Is that the jist?  I hope not.  I hope I'm too stupid to understand the plot, for the sake of everyone else that had to watch this fuckwaddery.
-The acting.  I like to think that I've seen some of these "actors" in other movies where they acted.  Why didn't they act in this one?  It really felt like an effort by the director to make sure they did nothing but make startled faces and run from place to place.
-Megan Fox.  I was aware, going in, that she has gotten even more hot and popular than she was when the first Transformers came out.  And I was aware that this one would capitalize on this fact by gratuitous Megan sexiness, and I'm okay with that.  What I'm not okay with is that her character a) sucks, more on that next, b) is not imperative to the plot, c) has no talking lines that contribute to the plot, and d) is not even the focus in most of the scenes.  Shit happens and she just runs after Shia looking aghast.  Not necessary.  That said, there needed to be much more gratuitous sexiness since it was obviously the only point of having her in the movie.  She's straddling a motorcycle in her opening scene and it goes down from there.  James said I'm wrong and it was way too gratuitous, so maybe my eyes were just glazed over by the end of this shit.  But considering her lack of usefulness in every other area, it's the least she could do was have a boob pop out when she's running instead of that ass-hat outfit of pants, high boots, and two layers of shirts.  Not provocative.
-Megan's Fox's character.  I didn't like her last time and fuck all didn't like her this time.  The "oh, she's so hot but she's a victim because she has no self-esteem and lets her boyfriend (in the first one) be mean to her and her life is hard because her dad is good guy but a criminal and she's really a good girl but a criminal and she's low class and has a tough shell but inside she's just a whore with a heart of gold" schtick is so ridiculously overplayed.  I know men probably enjoy this character for rescuing purposes and she wasn't there to be a strong role model for girls, but fuck all I'm done with that martyr bullshit.  Primarily because I blame hollywood for turning women into this caricature of "my daddy was mean to me and I let boys treat me bad because of it but really I'm a strong woman that doesn't need anybody except that I tell this to boys I date and use it as an excuse later be psychotic, demanding and irrational.  Emotional baggage is so much fun, totes!"  And also I'm probably bitter that boys fall for it.  It makes me think of James' brother excitedly telling us about his new girlfriend and how she's had such a hard life and he just wants to take care of her and blah blah blah.  It reeks of creepy ass emotional dependency.  And that scene where Shia is leaving for college and she surprises him in a white dress and bouquet of flowers, approximating a wedding and trying to get him to say he loves her?  It's the type of overeager entrapment that feels like one step away from accidentally on purpose getting pregnant with his baby. 
-The humor.  The following are either not funny at all or not funny in the hands of the director: mom eating a pot brownie at college, guy in speedo, robot humping megan's leg, any and all dialogue, the parents being easily weirded out by teenagers and the French as parents are wont to do, the robots' personalities.
-The two stereotypical ghetto black robots.  You know when you see Dumbo as a kid and you like it, and then see it later and go "Whoa those crows are fucking racist as shit"?  The robots remind me of the crows, except this is 2009 and it's depressing. 
-The aggressively patriotic, jingoistic, xenophobic attitude throughout the entire movie.  The parents act like ugly Americans and spit food onto a plate in France because it's escargot!  Snails = yucky!  Hilarious!  The good robots are American-made cars!  The bad guys are foreign and have scary German accents!  The president sends a nerdy smart guy to watch over the military, but duh!  Smart guys are all stupid and don't really know what's best for national security, only soldiers do.  They just walk around wearing glasses and talking a lot and disrespecting soldiers.  They aren't real men and they sure don't know what's best for America!  Good thing he's also stupid enough to fuck up the parachute and gets lost somewhere in Butt fuck, Egypt or thereabouts.  Who needs a guy like him?

God.  Please, nobody give money to go see this.  Given the lack of plot I don't know why it's stretched out to 2.5 hours, but I can assure you that it will seem like a much longer amount of time stolen from your life.
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